Anything else (2011)

The performance is born out of a reflection on the fashion industry's aesthetic rules and tries to unmask stereotypes and false myths. In the fashion industry the dress becomes false in itself, a projection of a perfect image where human weakness doesn't ever find a place, not even in the body.
The model, an archetype of an unachieveble icon, takes possession of her truth in strident contrast with the dress, which is imposed by the fashion industry; she is a symbol of a collective social demand that is impossible to escape.
The hand and its work become the only possible way out.
A voice tells of the technical qualities of the machine as an object of patience and painstaking work, where time discovers the pauses of life. Stitch after stitch, the body comes into the rhythm of the work and the dress starts to bring its shape.
To love the body. To dress it, even with its defects and imperfections.

Event presentation: Alessio de’Navasques

Choreography: Glora Potrich
 and Marco Dalbosco
Performers: Sabrina Campagna, Elisa Dossi, Luanna Molinari, Karen Pedrotti, Cinzia Venturelli
Thanks to:
Giulia Casula, Rita Correddu, Pasqualina Schintu, Ravender Sembhy.
And special thanks to:
CDM -Centro Didattico Musica Teatro Danza, Rovereto (Tn).

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ANYTHING ELSE, Performence, Altaroma – Fashion week, Palazzo dei Congressi, Piazza J.F.Kennedy, 1 (EUR), Rome, 2011