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Milano Sud (p.9)

Antonio Cossu - Copernico Collection

His shyness is cheeky, somehow.

When Marco Dalbosco stares at you in silence, inquiringly, before starting to tell you about his artistic project, he clearly knows, already, where he wants to go. Your objections, your reasons, your doubts will be of no use: he won't let it go until he persuades you, but he gives you the chance to say no, being always respectful of your choices and sure of his own. An uncommon person, Marco Dalbosco! I respect him for that and I'm proud to be his friend…

Marco is determined because he knows what real life is. For more than twenty years he lived with the alienating rhythm of the factory, the syncopated beat of the spinning mill. Once he put an end to the clocking in and out every day, he used this experience as the fertile ground of his artistic expression, the place where his art has its roots – digging deeper, without surrendering to any ulterior motive or making any linguistic compromise – always conscious that life is art and art is life. That is why, after his impulsive painting (yet worthy of note), his long-pondered works are as much raw as effectively true. They tell what Marco knows about (Scala 1:18); they tell what his eardrums have metabolized (Anything else); they tell of unconscious standardization (Incerti arredi); they tell about the harshness of this time of crisis that humiliates and mortifies people (Labor: what is it); they tell what his sensitive soul can feel in order to offer it to others (Perception Way); they tell about his wanting to read some potential ways of living together (Paper religions - #Jerusalem; #The wall). In his artistic journey there are also examples of pure poetry, lived with extraordinary intensity of composition and full mastery of multimedia language (Les Baigneuses; Western passages; Meeting ring).

Both in his social and poetic expression one can clearly find his natural ability to blend a severe style with a constant awareness of the content. A symbiotic harmony (often stressed by a skilful use of pure white and absolute black) that calls you, almost forcing you, to look at the idea of the work together with the aesthetic persuasiveness.

In the 23th year of their adventure, Cavazzani Claudio and Dario Ghidoni discover and deservingly make discover to their loyal friends, an author as silent as loudly present. The artist's book designed for Copernicus 2015 (but also intended for a broader audience)

The art book places under the spotlight those themes, the ones related to work, that are professionally closer to far-sighted clients. It tells about stability and instability, tranquillity and contrasting dramas, hope that gives way to fatalism and defeat. Once again Marco Dalbosco tells about life with art's tools.

Antonio Cossu December, 2015.