Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5: “the time is out of joint”.

Gaps in Mind was born as part of the project and the exhibition “Out of place, an ongoing archive”, organized by Association 22:37 and Collective Peninsula (P67 Gallery, Berlin, May 2016).

The goal is to represent the state of nomadism through the production and artistic practice; to understand the nomadism not only as physical state, characterized by the frequent shift of the home to different places and cities, but as a practice that produces disorientation in the mind and in the construction of identity, and that leads to a broad reflection on the new social paths and identity generated by migration.

The person is constantly resizing herself in relation to a place, not only in a physical way but also changing the direction and the meaning of her own presence in the space.

The continuous change and loss of geographical and social constant references produces Gaps in Mind, holes and cracks in the mind, as well as in the identity. A crack, a stagger, a suspension. Yet a state full of energy, full of critical potentialities, a state for the generation of new identities. Such a state is incisively fixed by Shakespeare in ‘Hamlet (Act 1, Scene 5): “the time is out of joint”. The time is out of alignment / out of game. And the same applies to the space and the person in relation to each other.

Here, then, the crossword puzzle becomes the representation of the efforts and uncertainties in re-finding identity, in familiarizing with the “non lieu” of the mind, in identifying a meaning, a direction, a way. The mind tries to find herself in a scheme with fixed routes, established places and lots of unknown, and finds out herself as the new crossroads of places and relationships.

2016 - “Out of Place_an ongoing archive”, Temporary space of Peninsula, Berlin