Incerti arredi (2006-2010)



Rome (Cesare Pietroiusti’s Studio-2010)

IKEA's complaint (2008)

Milan-Turin (Paolo Tonin Gallery-2008)

Garda Lake (2007)

The progressive homologation of the aesthetics taste is one of the most immediate and tangible of the globalisation. This important phenomenom, continuous and headlong, invest different areas of the contemporary society not allowing the growing up of particular tendences and identities functionally to a inique and general dragging vision.
The Homologation of the taste realises in a not explicit way and through the spreading of an aesthetical model of reference, process developed by media.
The taste of interior decoration is one of the areas more influenced by the the phenomenon of homologation.
In this environment the levelling is born to make approchable to a lager public desirable design objects lowering their price. In fact in the past only a small public could have access to design forniture but now some multinational companies has allowed the production and also the purchase of these objetcts with a low price.
The progect Inceri arredi develops through the creation of the advertisement of an interior decoration product, following the model of advertising of a well known swedish company. This company becomes the symbol of the aestethical levelling, result of a globalisation that does not allowing particolar identities. The project develops through the creation of forniture with unusual sizes and matherials. These interior design objects becomes means of comunication if they are made accessibile through adverting posters shown in easy visible places. The comunication and the critics to the flatment of the eastethical taste form through an object that could not have any useful function but full of reflections on homologations.

MD Logo

MD Forniture Logo, 2006

INCERTI ARREDI, table, origami, paper 140 gr, 9.6x9.6 cm, H 3.6 cm,
chairs, origami, paper 140 g., 4x3.3 cm, H 5.3, 2006

INCERTI ARREDI, bed, origami, paper 140 gr,
11x13.7 cm, H 5.6 cm, 2006

INCERTI ARREDI, poster, 70x100cm, 2007

INCERTI ARREDI, flyer, 29,7x21cm, 2007

INCERTI ARREDI, flyer, 29,7x21cm, 2007




DETAILS FOR LOVE, video, 2008