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Milano Sud (p.9)

New space, new time: body

In the freedom of the green universe, the body is finally liberated from the chains of the will. For months, the only will is the one of the body becoming pure rhythm. Tschhh, tschyhhh, tschhh, tschyhhh, the monotony gradually slips into a new movement, where what seemed like the same motion is transformed and starts transforming the body itself, and the mind with it. The leg is one with the machine, the body disappears, awll becomes rhythm, pure intuitive body rhythm of the pump moving, opening up the infinity of non-thought,the force of the unwilled, drawing the modern body out of the world and into the purity of the unending green universe of becoming pump. Any philosophy that believes in the value of the becoming should learn to remember that which disappear, and remember in the moment of the event of the reciprocal transformation of the actual and the virtual into pure potentiality, pure eventality. Marco Dalbosco's work is such a moment of pure eventality, drawing us into remember that which will never be lost and has never become. Do not think about me, it tells us, do not reflect, just disappear and let whatever become in the making of the pump replacing your will, your brain, your illusory autonomy. An intervention beyond explanation, beyond modernity and modernity thinking about modernity. A voiceless evocation of eventality itself.

23 December 2006

Oleg Koefoed