LABOR: WHAT IS IT (2012-2013)



This art project explores how unemployment can affect well-being. By attempting to identify how dependence on benefits affects living conditions, this project focuses on the personal and social perceptions of an individual’s position in society. Despite other possible social contributions, a person who is dependent on benefits may feel or be seen as separate from mainstream society, lacking a function and a voice. For some, this may lead to a loss of identity and a perception that he or she is rejected from society and judged as inadequate.

Research has shown that lack of work could lead to depression and, in the long-term, may lead to other symptoms of mental illness, leading to a vicious circle of low self-worth and inability to re-enter employment.

It is intended that the hands-on, practical installation will attract a number of the general public to participate, gaining an opportunity to glimpse some of the mental and emotional experiences of unemployed people.

Through this tactile exploration, one may experience, sympathise or identify with some inner feelings of the jobless members of our society, from dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety and exasperation to irritation and anger.

A square space called the ring is constructed of four posts interlinked by four ropes. The ring symbolises the limitations that society imposes on us. Within these limitations, we fight for our existence and survival. When a participant touches a rope, a voice of an unemployed person will be heard.


V&A Sackler Centre Digital Studio, 2013


Labor: what is it #01(2012)

The sign language becomes a symbol of the unemployed status, expression of not presence, frustration and psychological feeling, social identity. 
The silence like a cry of rage: “I Want a Job, Want a Job, I Want a Job, Want a Job, I Want a Job, Want a Job…..”

Interview Labor: what is it #02.1(2013)

Interview outside two Jobcentre in London.
05 June 2013, Jobscentre 1 Barnsbury Road, Islington, London.
10 June 2013, Jobcentre 30 Drysdale Street‬, London.

Labor: what is it #02.2(2013)

V&A Sackler Centre Digital Studio, 2013

Labor: what is it #02.1-2(2013)

Goldsmiths University of London, 2013