The idea of ​​the project is to work on the phase shift of the vision as much as involuntary process caused by exogenous factors - just as the war - and as a product of a cultural process, educational, demagogic, or propaganda. This offset causes a change in the reconstruction of the meanings of the events and their own identity ‘historic. A letter that communicates through multiple levels on communication and perception of the concept of war. A letter in the real format but contains within it a primitive bifocal machine, whose intent was to give an appearance of depth. A “machine” as a filter of reality, which already by its front plate - an image of a photographer who is about to photograph a group of soldiers ready to leave for the front - a prelude to more interpretations and illusions: “Photography (that I take) it is that very particular moment, to be sure, are neither an object nor a subject, but a subject who feels become the subject: at that moment I live a micro-death experience (in parentheses): I become truly “spectrum. (Roland Barthes, La Chiara room. Note on the photograph).

Who is going to look through the two lenses, will not see pictures of landscapes or tourist sites, but of war and terror situations. Images altered and “embellished”, meaning through staggered in bright colors. Watching it with this “letter - the telescope - Room” reveals the change of perspective that war produces: a prospective Deception.

B#Side War, artistic review its legacies of the Great War in the contemporary world, exibition, Altrove Gallery, Trieste, Italy, 2016