Meeting ring (2010)



What could be the action that puts in relation a collective meeting with art?
What is the act that artist and curator have in common? Is there a specific moment to highlight in which these two entities relate to one another?
The answer could be a collective meeting of artists and curator in which the most common gesture of one meets/collides with the most common gesture of the other.
Created on the same lines of the flash mob, the performance wants to enter and appropriate the art world through a meeting organised using the Internet, but also involving the academic world and all the other structures operating in the art field.
Curators and artists, unaware of each other's role, will meet on a hypothetic ring to make their own action according to the role defining them, everything under the gaze of curious and passers-by. Through random actions and in this virtual ring, these two figures will be forced to confront one another choosing actions that either identify or defy their roles.
Meeting Ring takes shape in public, crowded places, and in moments when contemporary art is at the centre of attention, like during Art Fairs.

In collaboration with SybinQ Art Project, curated by sybin.
Disrupting the normal passers-by routine, the performance Meeting Ring, the social gathering will see artists and curators, the two very figures that allow shows to happen, ironically confronting each other in a virtual ring where they will have to pursue their preferred role through suggested actions that may, or may not, enter in conflict with one another. To express the supposed existence of a clash between artists and curators, we can recall Daniel Buren's critical definition of the curator as being a "super-artist, using artworks as many brushstrokes in a huge painting". But, the artist wonders, is this really the case? The reason why this artificial antagonism is staged lays in this performance to explore how this particular social interaction works, transforming the performance in a rehearsal for a proper dialogue and constructive confrontation that is expected to follow afterwards.

Western Passages

Western Passages

MEETING RING, Performance, London UK, 2010


Frieze Art Fair Between Whitechapel Gallery and London Metropolitan University, London, 2010