In the Goethe’s Theory, the place where you can capture their information in the phenomena of light and colorful is not space, but the physiological instrument devised specifically for feel, and the eye.
Due to the nature of the person being mobile, and what you want to capture is the relationship between the two rhythms of motion, one must see how the eye behaves during a perception that has never, in any case, been instantaneous.
The analysis are therefore always the result of a mind’s process.
Colours are considered physiological as they are born inside the eye and act as auxiliary or supplementary perceptions.
Two questionnaires for subjects ill and subjects in good health, with the following structure: the subject is shown six colour: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Violet, and after look these with attention the person put each colour in relation with the questionnaire. Every colour correspondences to four feelings: thinking, feel, remind, meaning.


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The range all colours.


Perception Way, Installation, Goldsmiths University of London: Centre for Cultural Studies, London, UK, 2012.

Perception way #Computer elaboration

Perception Way # Workshop with a group of people have had a stroke, 2012.

Perception Way # Giovanna. Feedback about the project.